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23 August 2017

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company’s (GPIC) Managing Director, Ibrahim Al-Musaitir honoured GPIC’s employee Ms. Rita Rizkallah, who recently received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from DePaul University.

This was part of the GPIC’s policy to empower women workers and provide them with opportunities for education and training so that they have equal opportunities.

Company President, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, members of the Executive Management and the head of the Trade Union were present.

Dr. Jawahery congratulated Rita and said she had shown a high level of excellence during her studies. He added her success was a model for other the company employees.

Dr. Jawahery said GPIC always strives to provide opportunities that give employees the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs and tasks effectively. This, he added, contributes to the development of modern methods to manage work. 

He said the Company is also working to provide comprehensive training programmes for its national workforce and coordinating with its education partners to identify training needs as well as find ways to improve quality of training.

Dr. Jawahery stressed on the Company's commitment to its strategy of developing and training all employees, with particular emphasis on women, to enhance Bahrain’s women empowerment programme and give them opportunities to attain top positions.
He thanked the Board of Directors for following up on the various training and development programmes to promote its female employees and praised the important role women play in ensuring the Company’s stability and success.

Rita thanked Mr. Al-Musaitir and the Executive Management for the honour and said Dr. Jawahery, in particular, is the most ardent supporter for women in the workplace and is always full of encouragement.

She called upon her colleagues continue seeking academic achievement since scientific developments are accelerating all the time. She said everyone should generally not set boundaries to scientific ambitions and should not restrict themselves to age or circumstances.
She said she hoped she would be able to apply all that she learnt during her studies and contribute to bring more gains and achievements to the GPIC.

The GPIC is keen to develop its human resources, which it regards important for its success. It is also keen to provide technical staff with efficient and professional training, which is key to achieving its objectives.