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11 July 2017

Labor and Social Development Minister H.E. Mr. Jameel Humaidan met with the members of the Gulf Petrochemical Industry Company (GPIC) Labour Union during his recent visit to the complex.


Labour Union Chairman Mr. Yaqoob Yousif and Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery were present on the occasion along with members of the Executive Management.


During the meeting, the Minister stressed on the government's support for labour unions in various private companies and institutions and praised GPIC Labor Union, which is considered one of the most successful in Bahrain. He spoke of the union’s professional relationship with the Management and said this helps in GPIC preserving its gains while ensuring the protection of the environment.


In a statement, Dr. Jawahery thanked the Minister for the visit and for his meeting with union representatives as well as the executive management.

He thanked the Minister for his interest in the welfare of the Company's employees and for following up on their programmes and activities. He assured the Minister the Management would continue to provide all facilities and stability to the employees to ensure they give their best towards the Company’s development.

He also said the Management would ensure employees’ contributions and sacrifices are recognized and that they work to ensure further success of GPIC and making it win accolades at the local, regional and global levels.

In accordance with the working conditions, the Company will continue to grant its employees privileges in recognition of their contribution, sacrifices and direct contribution to the Company's achievements, awards and accolades at the regional and global levels.

Dr. Jawahery explained that one of the reasons for the success and excellence of GPIC Labour Union was its commitment to the interests of workers in any claims. He said in doing so, they put the interest of the country before the Company while ensuring a delicate balance between the workers and the management.

Dr. Jawahery praised the Ministry’s important role in developing and modernizing the labour market systems by supervising the implementation of national legislations and the relevant labor market decisions. He stressed this would have a positive impact on Bahrain’s development and pointed to the importance of strengthening community partnership and supporting dialogue to improve the labour market, support the workforce and raise the level of their performance.

Mr. Yaqoob also thanked the Minister and the Management for their interest in the activities of the union. He said all union members were fully committed to their work even in the most difficult circumstances. He said they would always strive to ensure continuity of the production process.

He said this is in keeping with the trust and the confidence the Management has placed in them. This, he added, strengthens the relationship between the two parties and leads to gains for the Company as well as the employees.

During his visit, the Minister was accompanied by a number of officials. They were briefed the on GPIC’s progress and its strategies to maintain the growth momentum.