09 November 2022

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company Launches its environmental initiative "The Green Wave Campaign"

In cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Education, Busaiteen Secondary School for Girls hosted the inauguration of the re-launch of GPIC’s environmental initiative in support of the "Green Wave" initiative from the United Nations Environmental Programme.

Mr. Adnan Al Mahmood, General Manager Corporate Support, inaugurated the campaign, in the presence of the Assistant Undersecretary for General and Technical Education, Ms. Latifa Al-Bunouza, the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Services, Ms. Kifaya Al-Anzour, and other officials from the Ministry of Education along with members of the administrative board of Busaiteen Secondary School for Girls.  During the ceremony, a number of seedlings of Bahraini fruit trees, donated by GPIC, were planted in the school's garden and inner courtyard, in addition to some areas designated for cultivation around the school's fence.

Members of the company's Agri-Nutrients Committee continue with the Green Wave Campaign by visiting nominated government schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education.  The Committee ensures appropriate irrigation and fertilizer methods are implemented to maintain the integrity of the seedlings, teaching students the correct ways to plant the seedlings and how to take care of them.  

Commenting on this occasion, Eng. Yasser Al-Abbasi, President of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, praised this environmental campaign launched by the company many years ago, through which it seeks to enhance and increase green spaces in schools, and raise students' awareness of the importance of agriculture and its impact on the climate and the environment, especially in light of the global climate crisis. 

He added that this year the company provided a total of 475 Bahraini fruit tree seedlings, which are to be planted in around 20 schools in agreement with the Ministry of Education. 

The Green Wave project was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme, and it works to spread the culture of biodiversity and raise awareness of the importance of agriculture, especially among young people. 

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