22 September 2022

Strengthening cooperation with Japan’s importer of Ammonia, MITSUI

During the Sixth Policy and Bilateral Relations Consultations meeting between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Japan, and following the memorandum of understanding signed during the historic visit of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to Tokyo in April 2012, Eng. Yasser Abdulrahim Al Abbasi, GPIC President met with senior officials of the Japanese company MITSUI, who imports high quality Ammonia produced by GPIC.

MITSUI is linked with the Kuwait Petroleum Industries Company, GPIC’s authorized marketer of ammonia, with agreements signed between the two companies since 2020, MITSUI is one of the largest importers of chemical materials for distribution to a number of manufacturers in Japan and other regional countries. GPIC's ammonia exports to MITSUI from 2020 to August 2022 amounted to a total of 66% of the company's total ammonia exports, which is equivalent to 99,950 metric tonnes on board 12 ships.

GPIC relies on its partners to market its products, according to the articles of incorporation agreement, Kuwait Petroleum Industries Company markets ammonia and urea, and SABIC Agricultural Nutrients Company markets methanol.

MITSUI is one of the largest Japanese companies importing and distributing various products in addition to providing logistics and financing services worldwide, developing major international infrastructure and other projects in the following areas: mineral resources, energy, infrastructure projects, transportation, chemicals, and iron products and steel, food, food and retail management, health, information and communication technology business, and corporate development business.

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