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Jehad Ali Khalfan.jpgMr. Khalfan was accredited with a Certified Management Accountant, CMA by The Institute of Management Accountants, USA in November 2004, with more than thirty years overall experience in finance and insurance that covered various areas including management, financial, strategic planning and insurance responsibilities. Additionally, He also has a Certificate of Business Continuity attained in September 2014 from The Institute of Business Continuity Management, UK. He is a Bachelor of Business Administration class of May 1990 from St. Edward’s University at Austin, Texas, USA.

Mr. Khalfan had participated in many projects to setup and administer the financial functions, thus necessitating to manage, work within and leading teams effectively. He has attended many Management Leadership and Team building courses from The Darden School of Business, Virginia, USA and The Trust Leadership, London, UK

Mr. Khalfan started his career in Gulf Air in 1990 and worked for 15 years in its Finance Department rotating through various sections and leaving Gulf Air on February 2005 as Regional Finance Manager to join Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co.’s Finance Department with the post of Financial Accounting Superintendent, and later in August 2007 made the transition to the post of Management Accounting Superintendent, to be promoted to Finance Manager in February 2018, in July 2018 he has promoted to Finance and Marketing Manager to oversee the full functioning of the financial and marketing activities.