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Keys to Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ success since its establishment in Bahrain In 1979

The success of GPIC has manifested itself through the company’s core values and its endeavour to be a leading petrochemical complex working among the best companies in the world. Our culture to work as one team has definitely contributed to our success.

How Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ operates locally a recognized producer of Ammonia, Urea, and Methanol

We operate one of the safest and most reliable complexes in the region and we do this with full respect to the environment. All these attributes have earned GPIC the respect of the authorities and the community.

Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ core business and strategic direction

GPIC has excellent records in terms of operation, safety and reliability which put the company at an advantageous position to expand its existing operations and further develop them into other value added products.

The role of innovation and technology in Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ business operations.

GPIC encourages and supports these aspects and has a number of programmes for the staff to explore and share their knowledge. It also participates in various regional and international committees discussing a variety of issues addressing important subjects relating to the industry.

How the company functions as a responsible corporate citizen with regards to the environment.

GPIC conducts its operations in a very responsible manner adhering to the stringent local, regional and international environmental requirements. The various projects within the complex such as the fish farm, charity gardens and bird sanctuary are a clear indication of the company’s commitment. The excellent cooperation between the company and the surrounding community is another very good example.

The scope of Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ local market development activities.

Although GPIC products are primarily export oriented, we have encouraged the local market to use our products. This is well demonstrated in our local Urea sales. In the past, the local farmers and garden centres used imported products, but through providing them with the right information and education they have 100% switched to using GPIC Granular Urea.

The competitive landscape of the industry and Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ competitive advantages.

No doubt the availability of feed stock at a competitive price will continue to be the major player. However, we believe that the vision of industry leaders in the Gulf region, by investing in technology, human resources, safety and the environment, will have a more positive impact on the industries.

How Gulf Petrochemical Industries attracts and serves its partners/customers.

We work closely with our shareholders SABIC and PIC who are entrusted with marketing GPIC products in the international markets. We keep close coordination with our marketers to ensure our customers’ requirements are fully met. We ensure that they receive high quality products and that all our operations are consistent. We also encourage our customers to visit the complex and have hands on experience in the way we conduct our operations.

How Gulf Petrochemical Industries develops significant international relations.

GPIC may be small when compared to some of the giants in the industry. However, our positive contribution to the industry does not go unnoticed when it comes to the role we play. We are very active in the International Fertilizer Industries Association (IFA), the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) and the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA).

We have managed to attract to Bahrain some of the most important international conferences and other functions relating to the petrochemical and fertilizer industries. This only shows the respect GPIC has among the industry leaders.

Possible growth strategies of Gulf Petrochemical Industries.

We have just completed a comprehensive study that covers all our future strategic direction until the year 2020. The study explores and offers GPIC a number of options for future expansion, both locally and internationally. The options include expanding in the same line of production and exploring other value added products.

How Gulf Petrochemical Industries contributes to the local economy.

GPIC’s excellent operational and profit records have positively contributed directly to the national economy. The use of local contractor and manpower services has also contributed and we pride ourselves that it is one of the prerequisites of using any contractor that it should give some benefit to the local economy.

Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ current activities and foreseeable potential opportunities in/from the Japanese/Asian markets.

GPIC’s position and proximity to the Asian markets makes it an advantage to increase cooperation and strengthen our ties. More than 50% of GPIC’s export is destined for the Asian markets, taking advantage of the freight benefit. The growth in these markets makes it an attractive destination for future expansion of product placement opportunities.

Gulf Petrochemical Industries’ goals and your vision for the company in the short term as well as in the long term.

Our vision is clear and fully supported by the board of directors. Our short term goals are cautiously monitored to ensure the best results are achieved.
However, our long term goals will no doubt be to use the experience we have gained in operating the most successful complex in the world to further expand our operation and increase our production capacity and also move into other value added products.

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