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H.E. AbdulRahman Jawahery,
GPIC’s President
Chairman of IFA Technical Committee
Opening Speech

Your Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Oil & Gas Affairs, Chairman of the National Oil & Gas Authority
Your Excellency Dr. Majid Bin Muhsin Al-Alawi, Minister of Labor
Mr. Thorleif Enger, President of the International Fertilizer Association
Mr. Luc Maene, IFA’s Director General,

Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company and IFA Technical Committee, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all in Bahrain.

It is also my pleasure to be part of the organizing team that has worked for the last 18 months in planning and organizing for the IFA Global Safety Summit.

As a chairman of the IFA Technical Committee since 2007, we worked hard in ensuring that safety and environmental issues form integral parts of IFA’s initiatives and we foresaw that organizing this event was an essential component of ensuring that safety becomes a strategic and core business initiative in the fertilizer business.

Our aim in this summit is to provide the leaders of the fertilizer industry world-wide a forum whereby best practices, technological initiatives and best management practices are discussed and shared to enable them formulate their strategy of how our industry should be in terms of safety performance in coming decades.

We are also taking the opportunity of holding this summit to promote and launch a number of significant initiatives for the IFA Technical Committee including:

  • The awarding of the first winners of the IFA Green Leaf Award. An initiative that was started by the committee in 2007 to further promote and enhance safety, health and environmental excellence within the fertilizer industry;
  • The launch of IFA’s safety, health and environmental principles which form the strategic pillars of enhancing safety, health and environment in the fertilizer industry;
  • The launch of IFA’s Safety Handbook which is a valuable guidance reference document that addresses specific areas of how safety and production leaders within the fertilizer industry may further enhance and improve their safety performance

We are indeed motivated and enthused with all the initiatives that IFA are pursuing to ensure that our industry is safely working toward mankind’s prosperity and well-being.

I would like to sincerely thank IFA Board of Directors, IFA’s Director General and Secertariate for all their efforts and hard work in organizing this summit.

I would also like to thank our sponsors:

  • Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas Authority;
  • Yara International;
  • Petrochemical Industries Company of Kuwait; and
  • Bahrain’s National Gas Company

For sponsoring the luncheons of the summit and gala dinner.

I would also like to thank the patron of our event His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Oil & Gas Affairs, Chairman of the National Oil & Gas Authority andHis Excellency Dr. Majid Bin Muhsin Al-Alawi, Minister of Labor for being with us here and demonstrating Bahrain’s commitment to enhancing safety.

I wish all the session chairmen, speakers and delegates a very informative and beneficial summit.

Thank you,

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