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21 December 2014

Adviser to His Royal Highness the Prime Minister on Oil and Industrial Affairs and Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company Chairman H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa received Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery and congratulated him on the GPIC winning the Women Empowerment Award for the second time.

The Supreme Council for Women President and wife of His Majesty King Hamad, Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa instituted the award to encourage and enable Bahraini women to take up challenging roles in society.

H.E Shaikh Isa praised the initiatives of Princess Sabeeka saying these had supported and simulated policies and programmes to empower women and put them in important decision-making positions in the private and public sector. He said the role of the GPIC management under the guidance of the Company's Board of Directors has also been inspired by that initiative, which contributes to enhancing the status of working Bahraini women.

H.E Shaikh Isa thanked Her Royal Highness to give the award to the GPIC for a second time for being the best among ministries, government institutions and private sector companies for working to empower Bahraini women working. He praised the high level of cooperation and coordination between the Company and the Supreme Council for Women and said the GPIC was in full agreement with its goals by providing support for the council's programmes and activities for further development of Bahraini women.

Dr. Jawahery expressed happiness at the award and said it was the result of the wise policies of the Board of Directors, chaired by H.E Shaikh Isa. He said this would put Bahraini women at the forefront in the Company and help in their work to achieve the highest positions. He said the award comes as a result of the faith and trust of Her Royal Highness in the Company and its commitment to have a non-discriminatory policy to empower Bahraini women.

He said women in the Company enjoy a positive environment at work and take part in all social and other activities and have always proved they are second to none at every level, including sports, developmental activities and functions. He said they are partners in equal measure to participate in all tasks and are provided equal opportunities in all areas.

Dr. Jawahery said the prestigious award imposed major responsibilities on the GPIC to continue the policies set by the Board of Directors and goals of the Supreme Council for Women, not only with regard to providing support to initiatives and programmes to empower women, but also in granting equal opportunities for leadership and achieve top positions. He said the GPIC will continue with its commitment to issues of women's empowerment and will provide a positive work environment taking into account their working conditions that allow them to prove themselves and their professionalism.

He said H.E Shaikh Isa was keen to meet female employees and congratulate them on the award and would soon visit the complex to do so.

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