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04 April 2018

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery and members of the Executive Management toured the Company’s facilities on the eve of the comprehensive periodic maintenance of its plants.


Dr. Jawahery inspected preparations for the exercise and gave instructions to GPIC staff and others involved. He praised their performance and efforts in carrying out the maintenance work professionally and efficiently and applauded their team spirit and determination in achieving a common goal of completing the process efficiently and within a set time frame.


Dr. Jawahery also met engineers and technicians from abroad, who thanked the Company for the welcome and the hospitality. They praised the employees’ readiness, professionalism and cooperation to complete the maintenance operations in the best possible manner. The engineers and said they were delighted at what they had seen and applauded the Company's commitment to sustainable development.


Dr. Jawahery said GPIC annually invests about $10 million in routine maintenance and about $ 22 million in the overall maintenance of its plants, carried out once every two and a half years.


He said such investment is based on the Management’s keenness to select the best offers available in this field, during which the latest technology in the field of maintenance is employed to ensure the safety of employees on the one hand and to comply with safety and environmental legislation on the other. He said the investment represents an increase in the reliability of equipment and the safety of plants.


The President said the Company achieved records in the continuous and safe operations, which resulted in it winning many prestigious awards in operation, maintenance, safety and the environment. He said this was the result of long-term planning and attention to detail.


Dr. Jawahery said preparations for the maintenance began immediately after the completion of the previous comprehensive maintenance work. An integrated team took part in collecting and screening information and consulting with the manufacturers and those who issue licences. He said the team then began to develop strategies, plans and specifications and following up on their implementation.


Dr. Jawahery said the Company attaches great importance to equipment and devices used in the manufacturing process to ensure its quality before it is installed. He expressed pride of all Company employees for their commitment to the highest quality standards and to ensure strict application of safety and security standards while preserving the environment. He stressed on the importance of maintaining a real partnership with suppliers and maintenance contractors since they are key to the success of any project.

He said the Company hands over projects to contractors only after a large group of administrators, engineers and technicians have followed up and studied its details. He said this has been Company policy since its inception and has already proved its usefulness in terms of quality and accumulated experience of the workers. This, he added, has led to the involvement of qualified staff that is able to operate and maintain the latest equipment.

Dr. Jawahery praised the role of the Chairman and the Board of Directors for their support and follow-up, their continued encouragement of employees for their efforts and their commitment.

The President thanked all Ministries, agencies and state institutions for their facilities and services which contributed to facilitating the import of equipment and the recruitment of the specialised manpower required to carry out the comprehensive maintenance.