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24 December 2018

The Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) and Gulf Air have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as part of a plan to develop bilateral relations.

Gulf Air's Deputy Chief Executive Officer Capt. Walid Al-Alawi visited GPIC headquarters to sign the deal, and was received by Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, the members of the Executive Management and senior officials.

Captain Al-Alawi spoke about GPIC’s contribution in the field of social work and said it had a role in most sectors of civil society and its charitable, voluntary and youth organizations. He said the company also gave unlimited support to the youth sector and was a model for other companies to follow.

He said he was very pleased with the visit, during which a new phase of relations between the two sides were launched. He said this would enhance the ties between the two companies and contribute to supporting Bahrain’s national economy.

The MoU is part of a promising plan for further cooperation and coordination between the two sides. Gulf Air will now grant special privileges to GPIC employees when they travel.

Dr. Jawahery noted the importance of the visit as an opportunity make the visitors aware of the great development witnessed by the Company in its operations and the quality of products that it exports to international markets. He said these products have won the highest international awards and has also contributed to the global reputation of the company.

He said the visit would also allow him to share GPIC’s efforts in the field of sustainability, including its role in protecting its environment from hazards.

Speaking on the importance of the MoU, he said this would greatly benefit employees, the real wealth of the company. He thanked everyone involved for their efforts in preparing the MoU.

He said the Company would continue to attract more opportunities and provide more benefits to employees in translating the guidance of its Board of Directors in providing facilities and privileges to staff since they deserve the best for their dedication and contribution to the company’s growth.

After the signing, Dr. Jawahery accompanied Capt. Al-Alawi on a tour of the Company and visited the Learning and Leadership Academy and the e-Learning Center. The guests were briefed on the range of training programmes and activities, the Company's interest in training its employees and providing them with the latest technology and knowledge related to this industry.

The guests toured the Company's plants and inspected its advanced operating operations, which are carried out according to the latest equipment and systems. He also visited the carbon dioxide recovery unit set up to preserve the environment.

They toured the Princess Sabeeka Garden for Aromatic Plants and the Medicinal Herbs Park, set up to preserve rare medicinal herbs used in the past for therapeutic purposes. They also saw the Charity Fish Farm, which contributes to support Bahrain’s fisheries. Capt. Al-Alawi later planted a palm tree to commemorate the visit.

He thanked Dr. Jawahery and the Management team for the warm hospitality and praised GPIC’s success as an example of distinguished GCC cooperation. He described the visit as an opportunity to learn more about successful Bahraini companies committed to preserving the environment and its components.