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16 April 2018

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery received the State Affairs Department Advisor Dr. Faten Mohammed Kamal and congratulated her on receiving her PhD degree. Dr. Faten also presented Dr. Jawahery a copy of her research which she submitted for the degree.

Dr. Jawahery applauded her efforts during the preparation and research process, which is about the relationship between the legislative and executive branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain according to the 1973 Constitution and its amendments.

She said her research would be a good source of knowledge for all interested in Bahrain’s constitutional experience, keeping in mind the momentum of events and major developments, including the National Action Charter.

Dr. Jawahery thanked Dr. Faten for gifting her research to the library, saying it would be valuable addition to its library. He expressed his best wishes for her success and the resultant responsibilities. He said the company offers a lot of support to Bahrainis interested in the field of research and studies in various subjects and encourages young people to continue their education to obtain the highest academic degrees.

Dr. Faten thanked Dr. Jawahery for the warm hospitality and stressed her appreciation for opportunity to present to him a copy of her research. She said Dr. Jawahery is a distinguished Bahraini figure not only in the field of industry but also in parliamentary experience, having been a member of the Shura Council from 2002 to 2014.

She expressed great admiration for the important and outstanding role played by GPIC in promoting scientific research and a desire to benefit from its achievements. She said the Company had set up a unique Management style that combines the highest professional and technical standards on the one hand and humanitarian aspects on the other. She said her visit had allowed her to provide a brief explanation of her book, which sheds light on Bahrain's constitutional experience.

It is worth mentioning that the research presented by Dr. Faten Kamal monitors key stages traversed Bahrain, leading to the establishment of a prominent constitutional monarchy, simulates the system of government, including guaranteed rights and freedoms, the oldest constitutional monarchies in the world, with a focus on the transformation of constitutional monarchy has been the culmination of approval The National Action Charter, whose provisions have radically changed the shape of the State and restructured the existing constitutional order as a whole. The study aimed to make an analytical comparison between the reality of the relationship between the legislative and executive authorities in the Bahraini Constitution compared to the French, Kuwaiti, Jordanian and Egyptian constitutions, in order to stand up the longstanding experiences of these countries and to examine the benefit of their elements.