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30 August 2018

The Toastmasters Club at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) organised a lecture on the importance life skills for trainees at the company. The aim of the lecture was to contribute to their development of trainees’ personalities.

Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC President praised the club’s role not only in the development of the company's employees, but also in supporting the community through educational workshops and holding meetings that lead to development of the human potential.

TM Lulwa AlMuaili Club president praised the efforts of the GPIC management in spreading a Toastmaster’s culture among employees and said its members displayed a very high level of excellence, thanks to their dedication and external partnerships to gain experience and confidence. She said the club’s new management would continue to work towards improving the level of members’ skills in speech and leadership. She said the club is one of the most active and distinctive in Bahrain and its members have among them several distinguished speakers who have benefitted from programmes and activities within and outside the country.

The club’s board of directors consists of six members, who work together to promote its activities and act as its commanders and leaders. 
Set up in 2008, the club is the only one in Bahrain to hold meetings in both Arabic and English.

The Toastmasters programme is one of the core training programmes at the GPIC to enhance communication and leadership skills of the company's employees and trainees.

Its activities are fully supported by the company's executive management. Several of the club’s members have qualified in the art of public speaking and reached a high level of success and fame.