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22 December 2019

GPIC has honoured one of its employees, Mr. Hamza Maqboul, for having completed his Master’s Degree with Distinction in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University, UK.

The honouring ceremony was held in the presence of GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, members of the executive management, Labour Union Chairman and the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports Undersecretary Mr. Ashraf Saleh Ahmed.

Dr. Jawahery congratulated Mr. Maqboul and said the company is very proud of the success of its workers for whom the best possible opportunities have been provided to continue their education.

He said the company also strives to provide workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs in a way that helps them in accomplishing tasks assigned to them efficiently.

He said this enables them to enhance efficiency at work and perform well, in addition to contributing to the skills of management and leadership.

Dr. Jawahery praised the excellence of Mr. Hamza during his study that enabled him to achieve the degree. He said the company would continue to work to provide more specialized and comprehensive training programmes for its working group and will proceed in its approach and policy in coordination with joint-stock companies to identify training need.

Dr. Jawahery affirmed the company management’s commitment to the strategy of developing and training all workers without exception, noting in this context the support the company enjoys from its board of directors.

Mr. Hamza thanked the Board of Directors and all members of the executive management, especially Dr. Jawahery, who supported and encouraged him to continue his studies. He said the management seeks to have a selection of qualified workers at all levels and provides all employees with everything they need.

Mr. Hamza called on his colleagues to never stop learning and not limit their ambitions, regardless of age or circumstances. He expressed the hope that he will be able to apply all what he has learnt at the company that has given him so much, and will be able to contribute.

GPIC shows great interest in the development of its human cadres, which is considered an important criterion for success. The company is keen to provide technical cadres with high efficiency and excellent professional specifications, which is the safety valve of success to achieve its objectives in the light of the it's keenness to achieve sustainability goals and in line with its strategies.

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