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15 December 2019

GPIC celebrated the honouring of two of its employees during an annual ceremony to recognize hard-working and distinguished workers of 2019, organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Ministers, senior officials and heads of companies and institutions from the government and private sectors were present.

GPIC Human Resources and Corporate Communications Manager Ms. Najat Mohammed Sharif was among those honoured, as was GPIC Procurement and Warehouse Department Material Engineer Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin.

GPIC was also honoured with the Excellence Award in the field of occupational and workplace safety for adhering to occupational health and safety standards and providing a safe working environment for its employees.

In his comments on the occasion, GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery spoke of the important role of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development in supporting Bahraini workers and its keenness to honour those who distinguished themselves. 

Dr. Jawahery said the ceremony is also recognition of a company that takes pride in excellence of its employees who have excelled in their dedication to work at all levels. 

"GPIC trusts its employees before anything else,” he said. “Efficiency alone is not enough for the smooth running of operations but teamwork is. It is this that brings out the best in everyone.”

Dr. Jawahery said the management would continue to empower women and support their progress, opening the way for their access to the highest positions. He congratulated Ms. Sharif and said she had shown her competence from the time she joined the company to attaining a position in the executive management. He said she is the first woman at GPIC to reach this executive position.

Dr. Jawahery also congratulated Mr. Amin and said he deserved the honour for his dedication in fulfilling his responsibilities professionally and with competence.

Dr. Jawahery spoke of the training GPIC provides to its employees that allows them to develop their capabilities and skills to meet their job requirements for future needs. He said this is more important in the present times in the face of competition in the petrochemical industry around the world.

He said employees’ excellence is the result of efforts of the board of directors and the keenness of the management to set up administrative development programmes and their commitment to apply them in all departments.

Speaking about GPIC’s support for the advancement of Bahraini women, Dr. Jawahery said the company is proud of the support it provides to all of them at the company, which enhances their empowerment programme and supports their progress.

He said this is as a result of the direct follow-up from Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of His Majesty the King and the Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Women. He said GPIC also cooperates with the Council to implement its goals and programmes.

Dr. Jawahery also spoke of the support the executive management receives from the board of directors to follow up training and development programmes that target women and said GPIC adopts modern programmes aimed at women in particular, sending them for training opportunities at home and abroad.

Dr. Jawahery, speaking about the Excellence Award, congratulated all employees for their commitment to the application of safety standards, saying that the company now has a wonderful and unique record in the field of occupational health and safety. He said GPIC has spared no effort to establish a culture of safety at work, and added it had always prioritized the safety of individuals over profits.

Ms. Sharif thanked Dr. Jawahery and said he is always keen on providing the best work environment to all employees of the company. She also expressed her gratitude to the board of directors, saying that their trust in the company's employees is invaluable.

Ms. Sharif said she is very happy at receiving the honour and looks at it not only as personal appreciation but also as recognition for the company and all of its employees. She said the honor is a statement on GPIC’s excellence in developing its Bahraini employees, thanks to the policies set by the board of directors and the support of the management, led by Dr. Jawahery.

Ms. Sharif stressed the honor is motivation for employees to continue to work hard to preserve the company's gains and strive to achieve more excellence.

GPIC has made great strides in the past few years in the field of development and training in terms of quantity and content, including its belief in the key role of education in supporting the comprehensive development process in Bahrain.

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