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05 February 2020

The Fertilizers Committee of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) held its periodic meeting, chaired by GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, in the Omani capital, Muscat, on January 30.

The committee’s achievements during 2019 and outlines of a set of strategic plans it intends to work on during 2020 were highlighted during the meeting, which also discussed work plans and arrangements in preparation for the annual fertilizer conference to be held in September.

Dr. Jawahery thanked GPCA Chairman His Excellency Youssef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan for his support to the committee and the importance he gives to its activities. He also thanked and appreciated GPCA Secretary General Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun and said they were able to meet the GPCA’s goals and aspirations due to the support of its Board of Directors.

He said the committee would continue to adopt the best strategies that contribute to developing performance at all levels. He said this would enable it to benefit from successful global experiences.

He added the committee makes efforts to develop work mechanisms and enhance the means of communication while contributing in managing and supervising the Gulf’s fertilizer industry.

Dr. Jawahery explained the importance of building an innovative and more sustainable industrial economy, which is the direction industries take to conserve resources and use environment friendly energy.

He spoke of the importance of cooperation among all countries to achieve the ultimate goal of ensuring food security as one of the most important global challenges. He said in spite of the availability of natural and human resources and the interest of political leaders, agriculture in the region and the broader Arab world had not yet been able to achieve the targetted production to meet the increasing need for food.

He said those concerned realize that the concept of food security is based on its quality and safety as well as the stability of commodities.

Speaking about GPCA’s important role, Dr. Jawahery said that it is considered one of the largest entities supporting the fertilizer industry in the region. He said the committee contributes to work to promote the exchange of best practices through workshops, seminars, conferences and communication between members.

Dr. Jawahery expressed the hope the meeting would achieve all its goals and continue to help GPCA in realizing its aspirations.

GPCA was established in 2006 and includes as its members more than 90 per cent of the region’s petrochemical and chemical producers. It is the first union of its kind in the Middle East, and aims to enable companies to play a major role in the global chemical industry to ensure sustainable industrial prosperity and safety of the people.

GPCA is the representative body of the petrochemical and chemicals sector and formulates  international and regional policies while caring for the interests of companies and supporting them in achieving their goals. It also provides members with platforms and channels to meet and communicate to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences that would enhance their ability to grow and prosper.

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