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03 June 2021

An employee of the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Department at Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co., Mr. Mohammed Salem Jumaa, was a true hero when he broke through flames and rushed without hesitation to rescue members of a Bahraini family from their burning home. The blaze caused major damage to the ground floor of the property, however luckily no one was seriously injured.

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Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC’s President, received the employee, Mr. Mohammad Salem Jumaa, to congratulate him on his courage, and the great humanity he showed in saving the Bahraini family. He conveyed to him the greetings and appreciation of His Excellency the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and their pride in this heroic act, which is in the spirit of GPIC’s ‘one-team’ mantra.

Mr. Mohammed told Dr. Jawahery that he heard a scream and spotted black smoke billowing from the property. He said that the family was trapped upstairs and could not escape through the windows. He jumped over two roofs with his ladder and hammer and in the process broke his nose, but despite this carried on, he managed to help the elderly mother and daughter to safety, and calm down one of the daughters, who suffered from asthma. Moments later the Civil Defence arrived, and he knew everyone would be safe. In addition to the broken nose, he had inhaled a lot of smoke, and had multiple bruises, which necessitated treatment at the Bahrain Defence Hospital.

GPIC’s President praised Mr. Mohammed for his brave actions, and said that words cannot express the company's appreciation for his quick reaction to the situation, and his lack of hesitation on entering the property despite the flames and thick smoke engulfing everything. He risked his life in the true spirit of community to help those in need.

Dr. Jawahery continued that what Mr. Mohammed did, without hesitation, in this life threatening situation is confirmation that GPIC has a top quality Safety, Security, Health and Environment Department, and the company has every faith that they will do their utmost to protect the company, as is proven by Mr. Mohammed’s quick thinking actions. GPIC is delighted that investing in training its human capital and putting them at the top of its priorities, has had such a tremendous outcome. He said that this team received high and ongoing levels of training in the latest safety techniques, and has been proven, are fully prepared to deal with potential accidents and life threatening incidents.

Concluding, Dr. Jawahery expressed his hope that God would speed up the recovery of Mr. Mohammed from his injuries. He also wished a full recovery to the injured family members from the consequences of the accident. He asked that everyone take the utmost care and caution and to follow safety instructions at all times, and requested God for safety for all.

Mr. Mohammed of the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Department thanked the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors, the President of the company, and his fellow employees for their kind messages, he stressed that he was only doing his duty to save those trapped. He said he had attended many courses, provided by GPIC, both in Bahrain and abroad to learn the latest firefighting techniques, and these techniques helped him save those who were trapped, even though he knew he was risking his own life.

Mr. Mohammed Salem, has received several specialized courses in safety and firefighting, in addition to his participation in a training course on firefighting and safety at the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation “SABIC” centre, which is one of the shareholding companies in Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, as part of the mutual training plans between the two companies.

The incident occurred on Friday, 28 May 2021, in a house in Hamad Town, at approximately six o'clock in the evening, while the whole family was sleeping.

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