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04 January 2021

No one has ever known such a year full of challenges and unusual circumstances that were unlike anything ever witnessed before.  It was a time that tested the world.  The year 2020 will remain an unforgettable milestone in modern history.  A year that witnessed the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.  It took the world by surprise, and no one initially realized the magnitude of the negative effects it would have.

In spite of this, GPIC demonstrated its ability to quickly deal with the situation, it implement a series of preventive measures, and developed flexible policies. This resulted in the number of infections at the complex being very low, and enabled the company to manage the spread of the pandemic within its plants.

In his comments, GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery said that he was fully aware the company was not immune to the possibility of its workforce being exposed to the deadly virus. This forced the management to impose very strict measures on its employees to protect them and their families and at the same time ensuring sustainable operations.  


He continued that the petrochemical industry was, and still is, one of the most important and vital industries that is absolutely key to international food security, and that the close cooperation and understanding between employees and the company’s Executive Management has been crucial to succeed in these difficult circumstances.

Dr. Jawahery said that despite the enormity of the challenges and the obstacles that caused the cancellation and postponement of several key projects, activities and programmes, the pandemic did not disrupt GPIC’s achievements to continue to build on successes year on year.  This year he said GPIC had succeeded in achieving new records, the most important of which was reaching the highest price for sales of urea fertilizer during December 2020. This achievement, he added, has been noted in several specialized international publications.


Speaking about company profits, he said GPIC had succeeded be reaching the end of the year in profit despite the petrochemical markets almost collapsing and other industries suffering with the onset of the pandemic in the first half of the year. This success, he added, came as a result of the company's commitment to reducing production costs.

Dr. Jawahery said operations also witnessed a 9.98 per cent increase, against budget forecast for 2020, a net increase of 5.65 per cent excluding the increase in production costs due to the necessary postponement of periodic maintenance.


Operations also witnessed a 9.76 per cent increase in production compared to the 2020 budget, which was a net increase of 2.93 per cent excluding the increase in production costs due to the postponement of comprehensive periodic maintenance. He said since 1985 total production was 43 million tons, and total exports reached 36 million tons.  

Dr. Jawahery said that the company has continued, despite these unprecedented circumstances, to win prizes and achieve excellence at all levels, adding that GPIC has an elite class of employees who have excelled in the most difficult times, especially since the pandemic threatened the supply of raw materials. 


He said reduced global demand had affected both prices and production capacities but all of this did not prove to be too much of an obstacle, and praised employees' determination to continue making efforts, working hard and winning awards.

Dr. Jawahery referred to the new achievement of Bahraini women in the field of the petrochemical industry, and said one of the company's engineers, Intisar Al-Banfalah, achieved unprecedented success in winning the prestigious "Procurement Hero" award for the procurement sector during the second Middle East Procurement Awards, held virtually at the Middle East Procurement Conference 2020.

Dr. Jawahery also applauded GPIC winning the gold medal presented by the International Fertilizer Association, considered as global appreciation for the contributions made by the company in this strategic industry.


The company also won the Sustainability Pioneers Award 2020 awarded by the Arab Network for Corporate Social Responsibility. This was announced during the network’s 13th annual celebration held in the United Arab Emirates. This award came in recognition of the efforts GPIC makes in the field of social, environmental and sustainable development activities and its keenness to adopt initiatives that have successfully contributed to reducing environmental damage resulting from its operations.

The company also won the Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the sixth consecutive year in the large business category, in addition to two awards in the Partnerships and Cooperation category in 2020.

Dr. Jawahery expressed his delight at the promising results achieved by the company in the field of occupational safety achieving a safety record of 33,419,535 accident-free hours. Work continued in all factories at 100 per cent capacity in addition to the urea plant completing record 981 days of continuous daily production, surpassing the previous record of 941 days achieved in 2012. The methanol plant completed 987 days of continuous daily production, again a record over the previous 961 days, set in 2012. 

Dr. Jawahery said these were achievements were to be proud of, especially in such an exceptional years and not only in terms of record numbers.

The company also achieved a new global distinction by winning the Award of Merit for International Safety from the British Safety Council and the Patron's Award given by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents for obtaining 28 consecutive gold awards.

Speaking about the company's role in the field of environmental care, Dr. Jawahery said that one of the most important achievements during the year was the success in reducing daily gas consumption by shutting down the steam boiler in the carbon dioxide extraction plant and using natural gas that was saved because of an increase in generating electricity. This resulted in reducing the total cost of imported energy.

Dr. Jawahery thanked Bahrain’s wise leadership, headed by His Majesty the King, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, for their support not only to the company but also to the entire industrial sector. He also applauded the wise directives and direct supervision of His Excellency Sheikh Muhammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, the Minister of Oil who keenly follows the achievements of all companies under the National Oil and Gas Authority umbrella. He thanked the shareholders for their cooperation in overcoming this crisis, and to Their Excellencies the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors, who were keen to implement the best approaches to protect the company during these difficult times.

The President also thanked members of GPIC’s Executive Management and all employees for their cooperation and positive response to the company's stringent measures put in place during this exceptional year.

He praised the important role of the Labour Union and its positive support to the Executive Management Team, adding they are a professional and loyal team who managed to overcome the crisis successfully and continue to support the management by supporting them to face all challenges and difficulties that may arise in future.

Dr. Jawahery hoped 2021 would see a breakthrough in the health crisis, wished  everyone health and safety and that the company continues on its path of safety, progress and excellence.

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