"Bird Sanctuary" means a place where birds breed and are protected.

Bird Sanctuary

His Highness Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa opening the Bird Sanctuary

The evident improvement in the environment around GPIC has encouraged GPIC's management to further enhance its special focus on the surroundings and especially Bahrain's bird life. Dark coloured crabs which were becoming extinct on the shores of Bahrain have reappeared. For the first time in the summer of 2001, a large group of Flamingos (approximately 18 number) have stayed around the shores of GPIC. Normally they migrate to other countries and return to Bahrain in the winter. Their stay indicates that the sea and land around GPIC is suitable for flamingos and birds to live throughout the year. This has encourages GPIC's management to establish a Bird Sanctuary at the complex for environmental and benevolent reasons under the directive and patronage of the GPIC President. The bird sanctuary was commissioned on 9th September 2001. A small nesting area and fresh pond have been created for the birds to enjoy a natural habitant with a view to maintaining striving to improve the environment around the GPIC complex.

First-ever hatching of Western Reef Heron recorded on Bahrain's main island

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Greater Flamingo
Western Reef Heron
Black-winged stilt
Collard Dove
White-cheeked bulbul

Little Egret
Isabelline Wheatear
ted Lark
House Sparrow

To make GPIC bird sanctuary the best attractive haven for birds in the gulf region.

To develop, maintain, and continuously enhance GPIC Bird Sanctuary to provide natural environment for both  domestic and migrating birds to habitat and breed.

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